• Substrate to be treated must be free from debris and dust. Clean the substrate by either water jetting or air blowing and/or brushing.


PRIMER 0230: moisture curing polyurethane. to be applied by means of a roller or brush or airless spraying device (with consumption of 100-150 g/m2). Over applica-tion time must be between 60 minutes and 16 hours according to environmental conditions.
A rapid version called PRIMER 0230 R is available, allowing rapid over application time also in cold conditions (0°C) within 10 minutes. This version also helps removing traces of residual humidity from non absorbing substrates (morning dew). Does not help with water ponding or ice.

STARFLEX MONO TIX, (available also in the fire resistant grade, BROOF T4), one component thixotropic moisture curing liquid elastic polyurethane membrane, ready to use after mixing carefully with mixer at low r.p.m. Application can be done by roller or brush or airless, spray 45:1 or 60:1 (pressure 130-150 bar and nozzle 0,021” or adjustable). Roller application is necessary for reinforced sy-stems.

Consumption, even on vertical substrates is suggested at the maximum amount of 2,5 Kg/m2 per layer (without reinforcement), even though thicker layers are achievable. Roller application is necessary for reinforced systems.

Temperature of the product should be not lower than 20-22° C for spraying (best to check with a glass thermometer by dipping) otherwise the product could be too viscous. In cold environments mixing the product for 5 mins with a mixer can help rising the temperature of the product considerably.

REINFORCED SYSTEM: use STARTEX NW or GM and impregnate with two layers of 1-1,5 Kg/m2 each and embed on the fresh layer the reinforcement. STARFLEX MONO TIX allows also wet on wet application ot the second coat immediately with the same consumption of 1-1,5 Kg/m2. The second coat can be applied also the next day as soon as curing allows the system to be walked over. Consider dry climates to be slowing down the curing of the product.

Important notice – Having enough product on the substrate through the first coat application is mandatory for avoiding the falling of the reinforcement (NW) due to low stickiness of the substrate.

• Water vapour permeable, crack-bridging ability.
• Ideal for outdoor application.
• High elasticity and high tensile strength and resistance.
• Applicable from +5°C to 35°C substrate temperature (R.H. <85%).
• Operating temperatures from -30°C to +80°C in air, (+200 for short time).


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