• Substrate to be treated must be free from debris and dust. Clean the substrate by either water jetting or air blowing and/or brushing.


DUROGLASS FU RAPID, water based rapid 2 component modified epoxy DPM primer designed for gaining adhesion on humid substrate up to 10 bar of back-pressure.
Solves humidity problems allowing safe application for all kinds of floorings. Rapid curing allowing overcoating within hours even in cold temperatures 4 hours, 6° C, 75% RH.
Can be used for scratch coats or roller applications. Low VOC.
Consumption rate is 0,300-500 kg/m² per coat making sure that areas with greater absorption rate should be treated again.

PRIMER 0230, moisture curing polyurethane. to be applied by means of a roller or brush or airless spraying device (with consumption of 100-150 g/m2). Over appli-cation time must be between 60 minutes and 16 hours according to environmen-tal conditions.
• A rapid version called PRIMER 0230 R is available, allowing rapid over applica-tion time also in cold conditions (0°C) within 10 minutes. This version also helps removing traces of residual humidity from non absorbing substrates (morning dew). Does not help with water ponding or ice.


STARFLEX HR, rapid curing pure polyurea two-component 100% solids elastomer-ic, or STARFLEX HR-E, hybrid elastomeric polyurea system formulated with aro-matic isocianates and special diammines, free from plastificants and solvents.
STARFLEX HR/HR-E can be apply also in vertical and ceiling.

The product can be applied exclusively by spraying devices (proportional hot spray) with two-component airless pumping units, equipped with a mixing gun.
The necessary equipment must also include pre-heating the separate compo-nents at temperatures of at least 65-75 ° C.
The theoretical consumption is 2,2-4,4 Kg/m².


POLISTAR E/P, two component elastic polyurethane based UV- resistant, anti-skid and wear resistant protective coating, one component elastic aliphatic polyurea based top coat for manual application at a rate of 0,15-0,25 kg/m² per coat.
The product for anti-slip can be added /charged with 0,1-0,3 mm quartz and or be broadcasted with 0,1- 0,5 quartz on the first of the 2 top coats.
When 2 coats must be applied do not let more than 48 hours between the coats.


POLISTAR E/2, 2k polyurethane based uv- resistant, anti-skid and wear resistant protective coating, with a consumption of 0,150 Kg/m2.


• The over coating has to be applied within 3-4 hours maximum after the application of STARFLEX HR/STARFLEX HR-E.

• Water impermeabile, excellent chemical resistance and corrosion resistance.
• Substrate application temperature range: from -20°C a +40°C, dew point of > 5°C (in the absence of condensation).
• Operating temperatures from -40°C to +90°C on the air.


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